soft skills refresh

There’s a saying out there that says: “hard skills will get you the interview but soft skills will get you the job”. And it’s absolutely true! All the achievements in the world won’t compensate for a lack of maturity or low EIQ in the workplace or in an interview. And here’s something else new grads (and others, too) should know: Hiring managers say what tops the list of things candidates are constantly missing are soft skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, attention to detail and writing proficiency. It’s not just new grads who need to work on these skills, it’s veteran professionals too.

If you’ve been in the workplace for a while but haven’t been encouraged to use and develop these soft skills, then they’ve probably grown a bit stale and outdated. If you let this happen, your career growth will inevitably slow. The experts at Career Focus Network has the resources to help you build and refresh your skills, with activities like one-on-one coaching, exercises to challenge your critical thinking and even role-playing to take you to an elite level. We also provide group sessions to interested employers. Contact us for more information.

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