Skills Assessment

You might be a new graduate. Or perhaps you’re looking for a new job and career change. Are your skills up to date? Do they measure up to the types of positions you aspire to gain or employers you want to attract? Are these skills transferable to a different or related position or career path, or are there gaps in your development that may be hindering your growth? An assessment of your skills and competencies is a critical component of not only a job search and but one’s overall career development overall.The experts at the Career Focus Network will leverage career development tools to make sure you’re on the right track. The evaluation spans both technical and soft skills, and can also look at job-specific skills based on work responsibilities and typical everyday tasks. Recent studies have shown us that over 80% of employers now administer pre-employment assessments for all employees (including senior leadership). Thais fact makes it smart to evaluate your skills so that you can position yourself correctly before you simply send out more resumes. Contact us to learn more.

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