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There’s a BIG difference between being a manager and being a leader. Which on are you? Not only is being a leader a more impactful, successful way of managing a team but it’s leaders which are the most sought after in the marketplace. But what makes the best leaders tick and how are the traits needed to be an elite leader measured over time and encouraged to blossom?

It takes a combination of attributes, from a firm understanding of the details of their respective industry to a solid grasp of important skills like courage, integrity, honesty and humility. They embrace change and handle difficult circumstances with a sense of balance that inspires confidence and positivity in their team. Great leaders know leadership isn’t about being popular, it’s about helping others to excel. They get the job done with a sense of urgency and are passionate about cultivating the teams and future leaders to seeing the mission through. Lastly, they also know that they need constant feedback and analysis to hone their leadership skills. Only managers think they’ve “arrived” when they start leading a team…

If you’re an individual who’s on the fast track to a leadership role or a current decision-maker who understands the need to continue build upon your current leadership strengths, the Career Focus Network experts have the extensive leadership experience to help you take your strengths to a higher level. Our coaches emphasize experiential learning, goal setting and role playing as means to developing the high performing leader with you.

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