Introducing the “5 Simple Things” Series

by General, Job Seeker

Let’s face it. A job search can be overwhelming. Job boards, LinkedIn, professional networking, researching companies, interview prep, impressing hiring managers and recruiters, etc., etc., etc. It’s A LOT to deal with.

This is why so many otherwise strong candidates frequently take very little action when it comes to moving their career forward. Too many good people are frozen by the sheer scale of things to consider when making a job change. So, they either stay in a job they hate or it takes them far longer than it should to secure a better place for them to work.


The challenge for all of us is that when we start a job search with only the end goal in mind (namely, getting a new job), the process can look too big…too complicated and difficult. That causes us to freeze in our tracks and not even start. But many studies have shown that when we instead focus on the steps leading to our goal, the outcome becomes far less daunting and the likelihood of success goes up significantly.


So, with that in mind, we’ve chosen to distill some of the big, daunting job search tasks down to 5 simple things. Five things that if done consistently, will help accelerate your path to career victory.

In the coming weeks we will cover topics like:

  • The 5 simple things hiring managers want to hear from candidates during an interview.
  • The 5 simple things that are guaranteed to kill your chances during a job interview.
  • The 5 simple things you need to start doing NOW to grow your career.
  • The 5 simple things that no one tells you about working in corporate America.
  • The 5 simple things guaranteed to keep you happy and content in your career.

Any others you think you might want to hear from us on? We are all ears.

Now let’s start to focus on the things that matter most. Action versus over analysis. Push out the noise that clutters your brain that stops you before you’ve even started and get after the most important things that will make a positive, noticeable impact on your career.


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