career planning

If you haven’t mapped out where you want to go in your profession, how will you ever know if and when you’ve arrived at your destination? This question is especially relevant when you consider government data: People now are likely to make three to four major career changes over 35 – 45 years of working. Creating a career plan keeps you on track and avoids the frustrating dead-ends that can stall professional momentum.

Whether your career is just in the formative stages or you’re evaluating your mid-career direction, Career Focus Network coaches make sure you’ve got the right markers for your way forward. This coaching can encompass an evaluation of your soft and hard skills, and assistance on creating a statement of your values and interests. We can assist you with feedback and tactical coaching to help you excel at your job and develop yourself to get the promotion you’ve been dreaming of. If you’re interested in changing employers, we help you identify targeted positions and company cultures that fit you best. .

Effective career planning is really an ongoing and fluid process; your plan should reflect your unique aspirations and goals, potential for development and limitations. Contact us today to start charting out your career path!

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