Introducing the “5 Simple Things” Series

Let’s face it. A job search can be overwhelming. Job boards, LinkedIn, professional networking, researching companies, interview prep, impressing hiring managers and recruiters, etc., etc., etc. It’s A LOT to deal with. This is why so many otherwise strong candidates...

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4 Resume Tips for Landing Your First Job Out of College

By: Daniel Lorenzo | Marketing Manager for Let’s Eat, Grandma ————— Congratulations, new graduate! You’ve worked hard and made your way through four intensive years. You’re ready for the real world, and now you have that prestigious piece of paper to prove it. As...

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Adjusting To The Latest Changes In Professional Networking

No matter how digital we get, the value of in-person networking isn’t going away. While it’s true that the use of Artificial Intelligence in job recruitment has help companies cast a wide net and then narrow it down quickly, you can always set yourself apart by having...

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Working From Home in Our “New Normal”

“Necessity is the mother of invention”. Never has a proverb or phrase been more relevant to our lives right now than this one. With much of the United States on a virtual shutdown, millions of office workers are being asked to transition to a “Work From Home” (WFH)...

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